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  • Performed Projects: Housing maintenance and utilities

    One microturbine TA-100 powered the private housing complex

    Mini CHP plant for Terijoki yacht club, Zelenogorsk, Kurortny


    In 2008 Electrosystems TH together with Peterburgteploenergo Ltd. started building a mini CHP plant as part of a program to restructure boiler facilities of Kurortny District of St Petersburg.

    In the course of preliminary engineering design we regarded several solutions for the power supply issue. A decisive factor was application of the most environmentally friendly equipment.

    As a result it was decided to build a CHP plant on the basis of microturbine units (MTU). This project is an illustrative example of MTU arrangement opportunities. It was the first time that microturbine units were installed not in a building, but outdoors, on the power plant roof. This became possible through development of additional systems made by our specialists to provide outdoor operation of the units under temperatures of up to - 40°Ń.

    The plant includes fifteen microturbine units TA-100RCHP with single electric power of 100kW operating in parallel for common load; there’s an integrated heat recovery system in each unit and two peak boilers with single heat power of 3.5 MW each.



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