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  • Performed Projects: Fuel and Energy Industry
    Nakhodkaneftegas (Nakhodka, the Yamalo – Nenetsk Autonomous District)

    The TH has performed the assembly and commissioning of LOOS boilers 4x3,05 MWt and diesel generator sets by DEUTZ 2x 660 kWt.

    In addition to it, 4 gas generating sets by DEUTZ 4 x 1,4 MWt, generator and grid distributing switchbox device of 6,3 kWt, transformer plant with auxiliaries for 2x60 kWt.

    Arcticgas (Novy Urengoi)
    The power generating complex with LOOS 5x3,05 MWt boilers, diesel generator sets by F.G. Wilson 1x450 kWt and 2x1250 kWt, also including gas generator sets JMS 612GS – N/LC 7x1,6 MWt.

    Leningradskaya Nuclear Power Generating Plant (Sosnovy Bor, Leningdaskaya Region)
    The job package for the design and installation of the uninterruptible power supply system for plant control devices, based on UPSs, manufactured by Powerware (EXIDE ELECTRONICS) 4x50 kVA, has been performed.

    Energy complex, Samburg


    In April 2012 operation of the Samburgsky oil and gas condensate field was started. Specialists of Electrosystems TH designed an energy complex for Samburgsky field to generate 24 MW electric power and 48MW heat power.

    The structure of the energy complex ensures comfortable operation of all equipment under highly severe climatic conditions. Process schemes provide for the possibility to supply the most critical consumers both from gas and diesel gensets, as well as for parallel operation of gas and diesel gensets to start consumers with high inrush currents.

    All work was performed in compliance with Russian regulations and European quality standards ISO, as well as with additional internal standards of Eni and Enel.

    Energy complex for JSC “NICEVT”, Moscow


    Specialists of Electrosystems TH perform turn-key construction of the energy complex based on four outdoor MWM TCG2032V16 gas generating sets with heat recovery system. This energy complex also includes Viessmann water-heating boiler with thermal output of 16,5ÌW. Total electrical output of the complex is 17,2ÌW, thermal output - 34,384 ÌW.

    Total scope of works scheduled for 2012 - 2014 consists of front-end engineering, design, equipment supply, installation and construction, commissioning.



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