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  • Performed Projects: Telecommunications
    Television and radio broadcasting company «PETERSBURG» (Saint - Petersburg)
    The job package for the design of the guaranteed and uninterruptible power supply system, based on the automatic diesel generator set with 400 kVA power output and uninterruptible power supply units, has been performed.
    The commissioning of the guaranteed and uninterruptible power supply system, ventilation, fire - fighting and alarm systems have been also fulfilled.

    Telecom XXI (St. - Petersburg)
    The design works have been performed and the container diesel generator set of 450 kVA power output has been installed on the roof of the 12 - storey building. 14 mobile diesel generator sets, placed in “Tonar” isothermal enclosures, have been manufactured for the emergency power supply of the basic power plants.

    PETERSTAR (Saint - Petersburg)
    The Technical Holding has produced the independent power generating plant, consisting of diesel generator set of F.G. Wilson P250 HE (250 kVA), switchboards, ventilation, automatically controlled devices, and remote control units, assigned for diesel genset parameter control.

    ITAR –TASS News Agency (Moscow)
    The Technical Holding has performed the uninterruptible power supply complex with the monitoring system, consisting of 37 UPSs, manufactured by Powerware.

    Transtelecom (Russia)
    158 uninterruptible power supply systems, based on the diesel generator sets of WFM, have been performed for the communication centers, located all over the Russian Federation.

    Transtelecom (Sakhalin Island)
    The initial feasibility surveys of 8 projects at Korsakov - Yu and Sakhalinsk - Nogliki lines have been carried out. 8 diesel generating sets with power from 12 kVA up to 100 kVA have been installed.

    Surguttel (Surgut)
    The TH has supplied the uninterruptible power supply system for 2x40 kVA with 10 summer batteries to Surguttel Company.



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