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    The Automobile Centre «GAZ Nevsky» (Saint - Petersburg)

    The start - up job package for TA - 100 gas microtubines, manufactured by Elliott Inc., which are assigned for the operation as the independent power - and heat generating supply plant has been fulfilled. Small cogeneration plant of the Automobile Center is placed in a separate, built- in single - store premise of 12 x 9,5 m , based on 2 mircotubines with the integrated heat recovery system (100 kWt set power output and heat output up to 172 kWt per each) and water - heating boiler by Vitoplex 200 SX2 with 200kWt heat output).

    The water - heating boiler is assigned to cover the shortage of the heat output at the maximum estimated mode of heat consumption and to provide the electric heating load in the mode of the minimum power load.

    TA - 100 Microtubines operate in the parallel mode for the total load, which may be ranged from 0 up to 200 kWt, and the heat duty (without a boiler) up to 344 kWt. The estimated maximum power load of small cogeneration plant is 142 kWt, the maximum heat duty - 435,2 kWt.

    The commissioning of the monitoring system for mini - cogeneration plant of the Automobile Centre has been also conducted. The operation feature is the uninterruptible transmission of the microtubine current parameters to the monitoring system. The setting of the transmission parameters in the microtubines communication board has been jointly performed with the authorized representative of the manufacturing company. The system registers and transmits approximately 100 operational parameters from each microtubine to the operator computer.



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