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  • Performed Projects: Enterprises, manufacture premise
    Fish - processing plant (Salekhard)

    In December 2005 the independent power generating unit was completely installed, commissioned and put into operation in Salekhard Fish - Processing Plant.
    This power generating unit consists of 2 gas generating sets of 750 kVA power output with heat recovery, dual fuel picking boiler house, combined with heat center, basic distributing switchboard, standby diesel generator set of 400 kVA and modular gas control unit.
    All the equipment is installed in five weatherproof containers, which have been manufactured at the production center of the Technical Holding in Saint - Petersburg, and have been transported by railway to the place of installation.

    Port plant (Odessa, the Ukraine)
    Special power generating complex with 100 % hot standby operation, performed in several independent lines of the interruptible power supply, based on the structure of highly reliable UPS, and high - speed thyristor switchboards.

    Metallurgical Plant in Novolipetsk
    «Electrosystems» TH has performed the guaranteed interruptible power supply system of 300kVA power output with the system of the remote control, automatic devices, switchboards, installed in the modular containers.

    Transwork (Kaluzhskaya Region)
    «Electrosystems» TH has performed the uninterruptible power supply complex, based on 4 UPSs by Riello with 120kVA power output per each. The complex has the system of the remote control for UPSs, automatic devices and various switchboards.

    Energy complex for STPF "Polysan" (Saint-Petersburg)


    STPF “Polysan” is a Russian manufacturer of unique medical products that significantly contributes to implementation of target development programs for the Russian pharmaceutical industry.

    The factory energy complex is designed by Electrosystems TH on the basis of six MWM gas gensets, type TCG 2020 V12K, and two hot water boilers by BUDERUS with double fuel burners by DREIZLER. The total installed electric power of the complex is 6420 kW, and total heat power is minimum 12 MW. Currently the first stage of the power complex is finished: there are four gas gensets and two hot water boilers installed and commissioned.

    Energy complex for a poultry processing plant (Penza)


    In 2013 specialists of Electrosystems TH have completed the turnkey construction project of energy complex for electric distribution company which supplies electric and thermal power to a poultry processing plant.

    The main power source for consumers of the plant located in the Penza region is distribution transformer sub-station powered by two inputs of the town mains. 3 MWM co-generation units, nominal power capacity of 2000 kW each, voltage of 10,kV, are used as additional power sources included in the energy complex. Factory-made containerized units equipped with heat recovery system with total thermal output - 6,285 ĢW, and all necessary auxiliary systems.

    Energy complex for “Voskhod” paper mill, Kostroma


    For «Energy Center-Kostroma" Ltd. specialists of Electrosystems TH perform turnkey construction of the energy complex based on three containerized TCG2020V20 gas generating sets produced by "MWM GmbH" with heat recovery systems.

    At the first stage it is planned to install 2 gas generating sets, and one more gas generating set – at the second stage. Total electrical output will be 6 ĢW, thermal output - 6,285 ĢĀņ. Total scope of works includes front-end engineering, design, equipment supply, installation and construction, commissioning. Completion of works is scheduled for 2014.

    Energy complex for an industrial site, Krasnodar

    GK Krasnodar

    In 2016 Energy complex for CJSC "Tander" designed for heat and power supply of industrial site “Solnechnaya 15” has been constructed by specialists of Electrosystems TH. Four MWM gas gensets, type TCG 2020 V20, of 2 MW electric power with heat recovery system and of 2,16 MW heat power are used as main generators. These gas gensets are installed in sound enclosures.

    As stand-by power supply diesel genset Š2500-1Õ by FG Wilson of 2 MW is used.

    Energy complex for grain terminal, Novorossiysk


    In 2016 Electrosystems TH together with MWM has worked out the solution for AO “KSK” grain terminal located at Novorossiysk sea port and which is acceptable for the available limited space and environmental conditions with very high summer temperatures and high humidity.

    Highly-efficient power plant is installed directly in the port area. Containerized CHP plants on the basis of 2 MWM gas gensets, type TCG 2020 V20, are of 4 MW total electric power and of 4,19 MW total heat power. This generating equipment operates in island mode and parallel to the grid without power delivery to the grid. In addition to these gas gensets, diesel genset Š220Š3 by FG Wilson of 220 kVA is used.

    Modular building for placing auxiliary equipment is a double-deck construction where indoor switchgear, transformer substation for auxiliaries, ballast load modules and heat module are installed. Containers are put in two decks using a rack that is metal structures. Vertical bracing is possible via two metal stairs located symmetrically at front side.

    The second construction stage that will increase electric power of Energy complex up to 8 MW is scheduled for 2017.



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