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  • Performed Projects: The Municipal, Federal Organizations
    The guaranteed and uninterruptible power supply system of the International Press - Centre facilities for the G8 Summit (Saint - Petersburg)

    The two loop system has been designed as the basis of the guaranteed and uninterruptible power supply system: the first loop is designed for the diesel generator sets, which operate in the independent mode.
    The second loop has the modern static uninterruptible power supply units, providing the isolated output for the most important power consumers from the diesel generator set.
    The power supply system has provided the following:
  • full power independence;
  • generating power standby;
  • UPS standby, connected to the most important loads and isolated output;

    The independent groups of diesel generator sets have been installed to provide the power supply for the Building Complex of the International Press – Centre, the soundproof control system has been also designed to place the generating power outputs at the minimum distance from the consumers. All operation and power supply system maintenance, including the diesel generating power sets and uninterruptible power supply units, have been performed by the Service Centre of «Electrosystems» TH - «BIP-Service» Company.

  • The Federal Agency of the Government Communications and Information under the President of the Russian Federation
  • The design of the guaranteed, uninterruptible power supply system with installation of UPS by Powerware 9305 3 x 60 kVA and diesel generator set of F.G. Wilson P250 have been performed;
  • The system of the remote control for the guaranteed and uninterruptible power supply systems has been developed and applied;

  • The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation, Federal Migration Service Department
    «Electrosystems» TH has successfully performed the engineering support design of issue and control of passport – visa documentation package system of the new generation for the State system. Within the frameworks of the above mentioned project TH has supplied the equipment and performed the equipment commissioning in 30 centers of the Federal Migration Service Department, the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of the Defence of the Russian Federation. Every centre has the independent power network of the uninterruptible power supply, conditioning and fire alarm system.

    The Mariinsky Theatre (St.- Petersburg)

    The job package, providing the guaranteed and uninterruptible power supply system installation, has been performed. This package includes the procurement of the equipment, manufactured by F.G. Wilson of 500 kVA power output, UPS of 160 kVA and their commissioning.

    The Federal Service Department of the Financial Monitoring (Moscow)
    The job package of guaranteed and uninterruptible power supply complex (plant), including the systems of monitoring and control has been performed,
  • 13 uninterruptible power supply units have been installed,
  • diesel generator set with power output in 500 kVA has been installed in the modular weatherproof containers.

  • The Municipal Administration Office (Surgut)
    The TH has supplied the container diesel generator package (t up to - 50?C) of F.G. Wilson P250 (250kVA) for the building of the Municipal Administration (Surgut). This project consists of the smart system of the remote control for the diesel generator sets, automatic devices, and various switchboards (special three - input automatic transfer switch).

    The Ministry of the Internal Affairs (Surgut)
    Our company has delivered the container diesel generator package of F.G. Wilson P300 (300 kVa) to the building of the Ministry of the Internal Affairs (Surgut). This project has the smart system of the remote control for the diesel generator set, automatic devices and also different switchboards (special three - input automatic transfer switch).

    The Yacht - Club «Parus» (Moscow)

    The TH has developed the design, assembly, commissioning and start - up of the power plant, based on three TA - 100 mictroturbines, manufactured by Elliott Inc., and automatic boiler house, based on two boilers.

    “Rus” health resort (Sochi)


    In 2011 specialists of Electrosystems Technical Holding started the first stage of the energy complex of “Rus” health resort in Sochi including ten microturbine units ÒÀ-100 RCHP by Capstone Turbine Corporation with heat recovery system. A trigeneration system was also implemented as part of the project on the basis of two absorption chillers with total power of 2,8MW.

    Application of microturbine units is connected with severe environmental requirements, as the power complex is located in the territory of a resort.

    Mini CHP plant for a sports and fitness center (Saint-Petersburg)

     Fitness center

    In 2010 Electrosystems TH supplied power equipment for a mini CHP plant of a sports and fitness center.

    The mini CHP plant is implemented on the basis of five microturbine units ÒÀ-100 RCHP with heat recovery systems and is designed to provide electricity, heating, ventilation, hot water supply and pool water heating.

    Energy complex (Noginsk)


    Energy complex was built in 2010 for power and heat supply of tech park in Noginsk. The complex is based on 2 16MW Turbomach turbines.

    It includes the peak-load boiler room consisting of two 6 ÌW boilers. Thermal equipment is operating in co-generation mode.

    To provide gas pressure 3 containerized diesel generating sets are installed at the site.



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