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  • «Electrosystems» Technical Holding - all aspects of power generation

    «Electrosystems» Technical Holding

    All aspects of power generation: gas generating sets, diesel and gasoline generating sets, microturbines, office uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS) and other power generating equipment.

    «Electrosystems» Technical Holding was founded in 1994. Now the company is one of the leaders of the uninterruptible, independent and standby power supply systems, providing project development, equipment procurement and technical support all over the Russian Federation and CIS countries.

    The companies, included in the Holding, supply the power equipment of the world leading manufactures to the Russian market.

    • For the consumers of the single – phase or three - phase current as the main or additional power supply sources, «Electrosystems» TH can also offer the gas generating sets with high choice of standard functions, manufactured by MWM, FG Wilson, which can operate with liquid gas or natural gas.

    • The reliable diesel generating sets and high - quality gasoline generating sets, manufactured by FG Wilson, WFM Generators, which can be used as the basic and additional power supply sources for the supply of a single – phase and three – phase current consumers. The equipment has a wide power output range.

    • To provide the telecommunication equipment with highly reliable sources of the direct current, we can offer the DC power supply systems, manufactured by Eaton Powerware, which have a wide power output range, flexible modular structure, high efficiency coefficient and remote systems of control and monitoring.

    • One branch of the «Electrosystems TH» activities is the production of highly reliable power supply systems, adjusted to the Russian power grids. Nowadays a range of power supply systems has been developed, using the original engineering solutions, which improve the operational parameters of the offered equipment. The power supply systems are fully agreed with the operational conditions, accepted on the territory of the Russian Federation. Only the modern high tech units are used for the power supply system production, supplied by EATON.

    • The modern uninterruptible power supply systems (UPSs) are designed for the equipment protection from all possible problems that may occur in the power grid. Our UPSs are the ideal devices for the protection systems where the grid failure may have the catastrophic character. The rich experience and knowledge of today customer requirements allow us to offer the optimal solutions concerning UPS installation in offices and enterprises. Among our manufactured units we can also offer UPS by EATON and by other manufacturers.

    The complex engineering solutions developed by «Electrosystems» TH in the sphere of the uninterruptible power supply units are widely used in various industrial enterprises, military and house keeping facilities, public assets, in the telecommunication centers or financial institutions.

    «Electrosystems» TH: brief overview

    2023 –
    Company has manufactured more than 1000 automatically-controlled modular power complexes of 5 kW to 2 MW. It has been constructed more than 20 on-site monoblock mini CHP plants of more than 100 MW total electric power and 120 MW total thermal power.
    2010 –
    Electrosystems TH rapidly expands geography of its projects and complex of the equipment and services supplied. Project business grows stronger. Company own production rises to a new stage of development.
    2008 Construction of power plants with Capstone microturbines in various regions of Russia
    2007 Design and development works on power plants with more than 50 Elliott units in total
    2006 Commission of two first in Russia and CIS projects with microturbines by Capstone (Elliott), arrangement of Service Centre for microturbines maintenance
    2006 G8 Summit 2006 International Press Centre facilities power supply
    2005 The design & construction of power supply centers, using microturbines
    2004 Production of the modular uninterruptible power supply units (UPSs)
    2003 ISO 9001 production certification
    2003 Obtaining the License of the Russian Agency for Control Systems
    2002 Series production of the power supply systems for telecommunications
    2002 Experimental production of power supply systems for telecommunications
    2001 Joint Enterprise foundation - «Electrosystems» TH & Russian Institute of Radionavigation and Time - «Special Electrosystems» Com. Ltd.
    2000 «Electrosystems» TH joined the SIBKON group holders
    2000 «Electrosystems» TH issued the first company periodical
    1999 Design development & procurement of gas generating sets
    1998 Production of the diesel generator sets in the containers and communications centers
    1997 Foundation of the Certified Licensed Training Centre
    1996 Development & performance of the complex construction projects of power supply systems for various purpose facilities
    1995 Production of smart power supply devices
    1994 Production of the switchboard equipment
    1994 Full service range for UPS maintenance
    1994 Certified service center foundation
    1994 Procurement of uninterruptible power supply systems (UPSs)



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